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Welcome to the Official Web Site of Vallemi City (LIMESTONELAND)

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This is the official home page of Vallemi City where you will know about its  History & Foundation and some facts of Vallemi.

VALLEMI is located in the San Lazaro District.,Dept. of Concepcion.
San Lázaro
       This small town San Lázaro (Pop. 950 ) was founded by Aranda Lázaro an uruguayan navy capitan in December 17th. of 1930. This colony is located between the confluence of the rivers Apa and Paraguay, 2 km. from the nearest part border with Ingazeira (Militar Post-Brazil).
        After 26 years San Lázaro reached the category of District in 1956, become so the last District of the Department of Concepcion(Northern Paraguay).
       Actually, the Department of Concepcion has 7 Districts(Concepcion,Belen, Horqueta,Loreto,Yby Yau,San Carlos and San Lázaro) in which San Lazaro stick out as VALLEMI.
       Also, San Lázaro is known for its quarry of MARBLE with different colors(White, Pink and lightlbue) these outcrops are located close of Paraguay river  unique in Paraguay. 



       The Vallemi City (Pop.8600 ) officially was founded in 1949. Before Vallemi become city, first it was called Port of Vallemi due to its little population . Now Vallemi is known as the Capital of Cement Portland of Paraguay due its production of cement (Factory). Vallemi has no own municipy it depends of San Lazaro Municipy, located in vallemi city.


       This city has 4 sq. Km.  located in the District of San Lazaro 200 km away from Concepcion on  Paraguay river in the following coordenates U.T.M. Zone 21 N: 75.50.000 – 75.48.000 , E: 03.01.000 – 03.03.000 above sea level.


    In this city are the unique calcareous caverns in Paraguay thanks to its outcrop of limestone  2560 sq. Km. approx. and its landscape that cover the city.

Obs.: The Distrit of San Lázaro has in total 15.000 inhabitants.

Vallemi City View

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