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Welcome to the Official Web Site of Vallemi City (LIMESTONELAND)

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Visitors who tread on Vallemi city can see and do the following activities available in and around Vallemi:

Cave Tour

          Considering, as one of the main activities to do is to know the CAVERNS of the San Lazaro District – Dto of Concepcion, these caverns are located around Vallemi. The famous caverns are: North (San Lazaro and Santa Elena), South (Cambahopo, Tres Cerros, Santa Caverna and Calera Risso), each of them with their own geological formations.Climb its hill, quarries and do rappel are some of the adventure sport.


  • Rivers Paraguay and Apa

         Paraguay is divided into two great regions Western 40% - Eastern 60% by the Paraguay River, so become the most important river in the country. That’s why sailing in its water you can enjoy our flora and fauna and much more.

        Another option is to known the beach of Apa River located in the border with Brazil. Exclusive site for the swimmers, where everybody attend in its beaches every Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Apa River


Industrial & Quarrying Tour


        As Vallemí is an industrial(Portland Cement production) and Quarries(Cal viva Production) city. Visit its industrial plant  of I.N.C., where you can see and get enough info about each stage of the cement production now is available in this tour.


       And for those who want to visit the quarries,these quarries are limestones, dolostones and cristallyne limestone (marble) located along the paraguay river in the hills of  Santa Elena, Cerro Pucú & San Lázaro. It is a wonderfull chance to know how their work and produce Cal Viva (limestone get burn ´til 1000ş C) in a simple kilns. Taking pictures from the hill of I.N.C. (205 m.a.s.l.) are also available  you can have a beautiful view of Vallemí and its landmarks.


  Tours are guided by experts in the field followed by first aids during the tours...  

Country Tourism

    Well-know that the San Lazaro District is an Industrial and Farming zone, in which exist several piquetes (small farms), that offers to its guest to practice some rural activities such as: Cattle management, Cow milk squeezing, Horse riding and much more.


Environmental Tourism

    As Vallemi are covered for an immense rainforest, river and hills around, it is a good chance to do photographic safari and   senderism in these places like: Cambahopo, Pagani Cue and Tres Cerro. Try to do Ecotourism due to its biodiversity, beuatiful and exotic animals can be found in the zone.




The Farm


Cave of San Lazaro

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