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Welcome to the Official Web Site of Vallemi City (LIMESTONELAND)

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To get in Vallemi city you've got two options to get there by: Land(bus) and Water(boat):

By Land:
¡¡Asuncion to Concepción¡¡
Nasa: It has 3 timetable available to travel they are 9:30pm - 10:40 and 11:40pm. It takes 5 hours of journey, ask to travel for Transchaco HWY.
¡¡Concepción to Vallemi¡¡
Concepcionera:Runs everyday at 6 am. until Vallemi only. It takes 6-7 hours of journey to get there.
TTL Libertador: Leaves everyday at 5 am . Duration of journey 6-7hours.
Note: Both companies arrive to Vallemí at 11:30 am. Acccording to the weather conditions.
By Boat:
¡¡Asuncion to Concepcion¡¡
Cacique II: Leaves from the port of Asuncion (playa Montivideo)on wednesday at 7am and arrives in Concepcion on thrusday at noon.
¡¡Concepcion to Vallemi¡¡
Cacique II: After downloading all the cargo and passengers get off, the ship goes up to the north and arrives to Vallemi next day on Friday 2-7 pm. approx.
¡¡Concepcion to Vallemi¡¡
Lancha Aquidaban: Runs on tuesday at 11am. from the port of Concepcion and arrives on wednesday  next day at 3-4pm.

Lancha Aquidaban

 By Air:
        The Vallemí city has an excellent airfield available all the year, for any kind of airplain and capacity. We have  flights every FRIDAY only, from the Militar airport  in from the Conference of Foooball.
The itineraries are as follow:
Asuncion - Vallemi.............. leave at 7 a.m.
                                               arrive at 8:10 a.m.
Vallemi - Asunción..............leave at 8:25 a.m.
                                              arrive at 9:45 a.m.
Obs.: This service is not available right now.

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