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Welcome to the official web site of ''Vallemi'', known as ''The Capital Of Cement in Paraguay for its production of portland cement in this city, and now arise as the  unique ''Caverns'' in Paraguay.

The Caverns of Vallemí are here.....

On this home page, I'll introduce you and talk about ''VALLEMI''  and some reasons why to take a break there. I put a picture of  the city on this page in order to know and enjoy this site. ˇˇˇˇ Come over and visit us as soon as you can ˇˇˇˇ

What`s the latest?

1-) Just now some Brazilians and Paraguayans authorities have been a meeting concerning the construction of a bridge on the Apa River. Local authorities has said.

2 -) New cement plant have been announced to be build during this year and forecast to finish and begin operated ASAP. CEO of the company have said.

3 -) Tourism industry have raised suddenly after the new asphalt between Concepcion and Vallemí have finished in its 90%. Adding to this the new bridge is waiting to be built among cities of Carmelo Peralta and Porto Murtinho, Brazil.

Unpaved road

After heavy rain in the northern part of the country, San Lazaro district is still under flooded. Thus, we ask for some humanitarian help to figure out this issue with all our brothers and sisters whom have lost everything. Jorge Villalba and INC authorities has begin strong support. Vallemi and neighborhood need us.

Vallemi City
View of ''Vallemi City ''from the Hill

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